SOLITUDE: An interview with Andhika Ramadhian

Apr 26, 2023

Today we have the pleasure of speaking with Andhika Ramadhian, a talented Indonesian artist who has been marking waves in the art-world in the past few years. Andhika is known for his unique style, which blends elements of traditional Indonesian art with modern digital techniques. He’s about to release his first NFTs on MegaOasis/ Neo blockchain, showcasing some of his most stunning works. In this interview, we'll learn more about Andhika’s creative process, and his experience with the NFT space. So without further ado, let's dive in and hear from the artist himself.

1.You’ve already been selling NFTs on Ethereum but this is your first NFT on Neo. Do you think it’s important for artists to be present on different blockchains? If yes, why?

Yes, it can be important for artists to be present on different blockchains. Each blockchain has its own community, and by being present on different blockchains, you can reach a wider audience and potentially attract new collectors.

2.How did you first get interested in creating NFT art?

I’ve always loved art and how it can transport you to a different emotion and spirit. Many artists have been drawn to NFT art as a new way to showcase and monetize their work. At first, it was a way for me to learn what NFT is. From there, I began to create and showcase my NFT art, such as interactive pieces or animated artworks.

3.Can you walk us through your creative process for this particular drop?

My creative process starts with a sketch. Then I create a 3D world based on my imagination then put it together with my photos asset. I play with color and contrast to create a sense of serenity. Slow and quiet landscapes feature tiny figures and details.

4.What do you hope people will take away from your art and the experience of owning one of your NFTs?

What people take away from my art and the experience of owning an NFT will be personal and subjective. Whatever the case may be, the hope is that my work will have a positive impact on the viewer or collector in some way. From the beginning I wanted to express my feelings, I wanted to get an emotional response from the audience. Beauty and aesthetics are the sharpest tool in the box and I believe that they can be used effectively to more adequately and more powerfully communicate.

5.What sets your art apart from others in the space, and how do you see your work evolving as the NFT market continues to grow?

In the NFT art space, there are many artists with unique styles and perspectives that set their work apart from others. Some artists may be known for their use of color or technique, while others may be known for their subject matter or message.

6.Can you speak to the significance of NFTs and blockchain technology in the art world, and what you think the future holds for the intersection of art and technology?

NFTs and blockchain technology have brought a significant shift in the art world by enabling artists to establish ownership of their digital creations, protect their intellectual property, and potentially earn revenue by selling their work on blockchain platforms. The intersection of art and technology is likely to continue to evolve and create new possibilities for artists and collectors alike.

7.What are your plans for future NFT art drops, and how do you see your work evolving in this space over time?

I want my work in this space to likely continue to evolve as I explore new ideas, techniques, and technologies and respond to changes in the market and my personal growth as an artist.

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